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Derma Roller

The 540 pin DermaRoller is a small roller about 1.25" wide and is covered with metal needles of about 2-3 mm in length. It is used by rolling the needles over the scalp, gently puncturing the outer layers of skin. I noticed greatly increased hair growth after I started using a Dermaroller in conjunction with topical Minoxidil. There are many anecdotal reports that skin needling does work for hair loss. Studies have shown a remarkable increase in absorption of medications after needling.

You can purchase the 192 pin version that many users report as being better at Amazon for about $15. Dermarolling appears to be an excellent treatment.

A study in 2009 concluded that .5mm Dermarollers were optimal in increasing the absorbtion of topical medications.

A Randomized Evaluator Blinded Study of Effect of Microneedling in Androgenetic Alopecia: A Pilot Study The present 12-week study showed that dermaroller along with Minoxidil treated group was statistically superior to Minoxidil treated group in promoting hair growth in men with AGA for all 3 primary efficacy measures of hair count and patient/investigator assessment of hair growth/scalp coverage. On retrospective questioning of patients after 8 months of completion of the study, at the time of writing the manuscript, all patients in the Microneedling group reported a sustainable response. The results of this study show that Microneedling is a safe and a promising tool in hair stimulation both for male and female AGA and also is useful to treat hair loss refractory to Minoxidil therapy. We opine that Microneedling procedure should be offered to patients with AGA along with the existing therapeutic modalities for faster hair re-growth and better patient compliance.

Skin penetration enhancement by a microneedle device (Dermaroller) in vitro: dependency on needle size and applied formulation. This study focused on the in vitro evaluation of skin perforation using a new microneedle device (Dermaroller) with different needle lengths (150, 500 and 1500 microm). The influence of the microneedle treatment on the morphology of the skin surface (studied by light and scanning electron microscopy), on the transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and on the penetration and permeation of hydrophilic model drugs was investigated using excised human full-thickness skin. Furthermore, invasomes - highly flexible phospholipid vesicles containing terpenes and ethanol as penetration enhancer - were compared with an aqueous solution. Elevated TEWL values were measured after Dermaroller treatment compared to untreated human skin with a gradual increase of the TEWL over the first hour whereas afterwards the TEWL values decreased probably caused by a reduction of the pore size with time. Skin perforation with the Dermarollers enhanced drug penetration and permeation for both formulations tested. Invasomes were more effective to deliver hydrophilic compounds into and through the skin compared to the aqueous drug solutions and the combination with skin perforation further enhanced drug penetration and permeation. In conclusion, Dermarollers being already commercially available for cosmetic purposes appear also promising for drug delivery purposes particularly those with medium (500 microm) and shorter (150 microm) needle lengths.


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