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A summary of all the commonly used hair loss treatments are shown below. Some of these oral and topicals treatments can cause serious side effects.

Be sure to review all the availalble information on this site and others to be fully informed and discuss the use of any of these with your physician.

Parameter Overall Result Notes
Minoxidil GoodOldest and possibly most successful topical treatment.
Finastiride ExcellentThe only FDA approved hormonal DHT blocker, shown to block 75% of DHT. Has potential of side effects like Gynecomastia
Dutasteride ExcellentA strong oral DHT blocker, up to 95% effective. Has potential of side effects like Gynecomastia
Saw Palmetto ExcellentOne of the best natural DHT reducers. Side effects seem to be less than Finastiride.
Bimatoprost ExcellentShown to regrow hair in studies
Spironolactone ExcellentCompetes with testostorone and binds to the androgen receptors, reports of Gynomastia at higher dosages
Estroge 17a GoodUsed in Germany with similar results to Finastiride
Estrogen 17b ExcellentShown to completely reverse balding at any Norwood stage but with unacceptable side effect like severe Gynecomastia and feminization.
Ketoconazole ExcellentPart of the "Big 3" and should be in everyone's toolkit
Miconazole ExcellentSimilar to Keto, similar results
Tretinoin ExcellentRenews scalp skin and seems to make Minox more effective
Progestrone ExcellentSaid to block DHT in the scalp, some have seen excellent results
Emu Oil GoodAnother inflammation reducer
Castor Oil GoodSaid to block PGD2
Hydrocortisone GoodReduces inflamation but concerns about long term use


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