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Common Hair Loss Myths

Washing my hair often will cause hair loss. FALSE Shampoo's and other hair care products are normally very safe. Shampooing often might cause hair that has stopped growing in the catagen or telogen phase to fall out sooner than they normally would but will not affect the hair follicles that are in the anagen phase.
Bald men have low testosterone FALSE False, actually DHT the most potent form of testosterone causes hair loss in hair follicles that are susceptible to DHT. So men with high testosterone and hair that is more sensitive to DHT will have the most hair loss.
Blow dryers cause hair loss FALSE The existing hair might be damaged if you get the hair too hot but it will not effect the hair follicles.
Moisture buildup from wearing a hat causes hair loss FALSE Totally false, wearing a hat does not cause hair loss
Hair Transplant can't give you a natural hairline FALSE Todays hair transplant surgeons have mastered the art of recreating a natural hairline.
Using drugs like Propecia can increase the number of hair follicles FALSE False, you are born with a fixed number of follicles and that never changes over your lifetime. Some will stop producing hair but the count never changes
Hair grows back thicker if shaved FALSE Shaving hair does not change the thickness or growth rate of scalp or body hair.
Infrequent or too frequent sex or masturbation will cause hair loss FALSE Sex or masturbation does not affect your hair either way
Brushing your hair can cause hair loss FALSE Normal brushing will not cause hair loss
Coloring your hair will cause hair loss FALSE The existing hair could be damaged but coloring your hair will not affect hair follicles
Hair loss is inherited from your mother's genes FALSE Baldness is a genetic trait but it is inherited from both your mothers and fathers genes
Blocked hair follicles due to sebum buildup causes hair loss FALSE Blocked hair follicles do not cause hair loss.
Finastiride or Propecia do not re-grow hair, they only stop hair loss FALSE Finastiride will re-start dormant hair follicles


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