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Mixing topicals

Many users want to create their own topical mixtures for many reasons, however the most often cited reason is to try some medication that is not currently on the market. Creating a topical can be as simple as dropping a few Finastiride tablets into your Minoxidil liquid. Your hair might be a little sticky from the fillers in the tablets but other than that a simple process can work.

However if you want to create the best possible topical you can use a technique to separate the active ingrediants in the tablets from the fillers used to shape the tablet. The actives can then be mixed with the base you plan to use.

Most medications are miscible (dissolvable) by water or achohol but be sure to check the medication guide to see what to use. If alcohol is required the alcohol to use is Ethanol (also called ethyl alcohol). You can obtain this at any liquor store by buying Everclear 190 proof grain alcohol. Do not use rubbing achohol.

If water is required be sure to use distilled water. Tap water contains many other substances and it may interfere with the active ingrediant.

The entire process is fairly simple.

  • Crush the tablets that contain the active medication
  • Add the powder to distilled water or ethanol
  • Shake vigously
  • Let the mixture settle over night
  • Filter the solution, leaving behind the fillers
  • Add the supernatant mixture to your chosen base liquid
The liquid can ne filtered through a coffee filter or a cotton ball in the bottom of a funnel. A centrifuge can be used rather than letting the mixture sit overnight. A few minutes spinning in a centrifuge will pack all the fillers in the bottom and allow the solution to be poured off in some cases.

The resulting liquid can be used as your base and mixed with other creams or liquids.


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