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Calculating the strength of mixtures

Most topical drugs are applied at a rate of 1% to 5% of the liquid mixture unless they are irritating like Retin-A.

You can assume that 1ml of liquid is 1g in weight. It is very simple to calculate the strengths of topical mixtures.

One gram (1gm) of solid mixed into 100ml of liquid is a 1% solution.

In other words 5% minox is 60ml of liquid and 3 grams of minoxidil.

How many 10mg tablets would be needed to make a 1% solution?

A 1% solution means 1g/100 mL
or .6g/60ml:
.01 = 1 / 100
.01 - .6 / 60
grams = 60 * .01
.6 = 60 * .01
total mg needed = .6 * 1000
tablets = (.6 * 1000) / amount in each
tablets = 600 / 10mg
tablets = 60

Or you can use the calculator below:

Active medication in each tablet (in mg)
Total Solution (in mL)
Solution strength desired (percent)
(.01 = 1%)
Total tablets needed:


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