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Needed Oils and Supplies

Here are a few things you might need to mix your own topicals.

Product Name Description

Propylene glycol is primarly used to prevent quick evaporation of liquid topicals and also to increase the skin absorption. It is used in Minoxidil. More infomation.

Minoxidil is typically mixed at a rate of 60% ethanol, 20% propylene glycol and 20% water. One study found that the penetration of Minoxidil into the skin increased as the ratio of ethanol in the mix increased, reaching a maximum at 90% ethanol. Anecdotal reports cite higher concentrations of ethanol causing skin irritatation and it's unknown if you can dissolve a full 5% of minoxidil in 90% ethanol.
Propylene Glycol

Everclear(Ethanol) is the brand name of a colorless grain drinking alcohol commonly availalble in liquor stores. The 190 proof version is 95% alcohol. Everclear also comes in a 150 proof which is 75% alcohol. Everclear

Emu Oil is used as a base for many topicals and anecdotal evidence indicates that it can regrow hair on it's own. Emu Oil is known for it's anti-inflammatory properties. EMU Oil

Castor Oil has been shown to increase PGE2 Castor Oil

Jojoba Oil Jojoba Oil

Olive Oil Olive Oil

None of the items listed below are absolutely essential in creating your own topical. In fact you can make your own topicals without any of them but they all make the process much more easy and convenient and even fun.

Product Use Description

Can be used to crush tablets. I went for many years without one and when I finally got one I wondered why I waited so long. Highly reccommended. Mortar and Pestle

Handy for mixing your topical. Pyrex Beaker Set

Allows precise measurements of liquids. Graduated Cylinder

Used for transfer or mixing, or just to feel like a man scientist. Test Tubes

Used to separate fillers from active ingrediants. You can make your own topical without a Centrifuge but spinning down a mixture is very quick and easy. Table-top Centrifuge


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